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Employee distractions cost American businesses over $650 billion


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Your Team Is Distracted

Distractions are costing your company valuable time and money. Imagine the potential your team could unlock if they were able to stay focused and productive throughout the day. As an expert in helping business teams overcome procrastination, I’m here to guide you towards a solution that will revolutionize your team’s performance.

Money and Time Is Being Wasted

Did you know that on average, your team members touch their phones over 2,617 times per day? Yes, you read that right. With distractions constantly at their fingertips, it’s no wonder they get derailed every three minutes. And getting back on track? It takes an average of 23 minutes, robbing your team of precious productivity.

Reclaim Time and Productivity

It’s time to break free from the shackles of distraction and unlock your team’s true potential. With my proven strategies, we’ll empower your team to find their focus and eliminate distractions that stand in their way. Imagine the impact of gaining back those 12.5 hours per week that your team currently wastes due to distractions.

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Captivating Audiences

As an expert on focus, Greg Dwyer will not only keep your audience focused, he will teach them how to stay focused in business.

Magic Ingredient To Success 

As a former award-winning professional magician who worked on Doug Henning’s Broadway show, The Magic Show, he knows the secrets behind the art of distraction.

Greg will reveal to your audience trade secrets that will help them stay focused in business.

Mind For Business

As a business owner who manages both a speaking and retreat business that takes him all over the world, Greg knows how difficult distractions can be.

He will share with your audience only what really works in business.

“Greg is training people to find their hidden mental diamonds.”

-Mark Victor Hansen

“Greg is not only a great, engaging speaker but a pleasure to work with and be around.”

– Ken Dyne EPIC, UK

“Greg is able to find your hidden potential and draw it out.”

-Paul Starybrat Ability Beyond

“I have never seen a performer hold the audience in the palm of his hand the way Greg did.”

-Michael Rosen Split Rock

“Greg Dwyer is about leadership, about being a master connector.”

-Jeffery Combs Golden Mastermind

“Greg Dwyer certainly has tips and techniques that can assist you and your audience.”

-Jerry Clark Club Rhino

“Greg Dwyer spoke at our event. He is the real deal and has excellent content.”

-Peter Mingilis PM Marketing

Greg Dwyer Connecticut Motivational Speaker
What is the Importance of Focus in Business?

It is a Keynote on a very important topic that is a game changer for your business.

Who is this keynote for?

Any business that wants to grow.

How far will Greg travel to give this keynote?

While Greg prefers the North East, he has traveled across the United States and internationally to share his message.

What is the booking process?

The first step is to have a 15 minute phone interview with one of our team members.  Next is to speak to Greg Dwyer to see if your event is a good fit.  If Greg is available and the terms are agreed upon, an agreement is sent.

How far in advance Do I need to start the process?
Since Greg is booked for 2023, he is only considering events for 2024.

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